Why our window cleaning process lasts longer and gives you the #glassfreeeffect

Using the sponge & squeegee method leaves your windows cleaner longer. But why? Did you know that cleaning your glass with a towel turns your window into a dirt magnet? The glass is left with a static that pulls in dirt & dust particles making your glass dirty quicker

Our cleaning solution disinfects and cleans all organic material off the glass

and wiping the solution off with the rubber squeegee leaves the glass static free

Store bought window cleaners are full of chemicals and can leave streaks on your glass. They are designed to look streak free when you clean both sides
of the glass but chemical reflects chemical creating a see through effect

Our method removes all organic and most inorganic material from the glass revealing the raw glass and creating the #glassfreeeffect

"Us VS "the other guys

The left window is a window we performed an Option B cleaning on and is allowing in much more natural light. On the right, you can see that the window has been kept clean with window cleaners over the years